The door is closed, the lights are out


Can you feel the christmas luuuuv?

… and the butter’s getting hard — yep, just like in the song by System Of A Down. I did give the Datella recipe another go, this time adding a tablespoon of coconut butter. The texture wasn’t powdery anymore; more on the oily side. And after one night in the fridge, well, my spread wasn’t so much a spread as a big block of chocolate-y fat. Sad face!

Still delicious, but 1. hard to spread  and 2. you could definitely taste the coconut. I love coconut, but I didn’t intend my datella to taste like it, so… *shrugs*

What else? I bought Medjool dates. Next time I feel like being a food snob, somebody beat me with an empty purse until I take a long, hard look at the price tags and go for Deglet Nour…

No recipe to share yet, but I’m leaving you with the silly above picture and two words: pea and pod.

… oh, and a happy new year. ❤


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