Datella and hello, one reader

It’s been so long since I last visited the blog’s admin board, I’d forgotten my supah-dupah-complicated password. And of course I could not get it back using the ‘retrieve password’ function, since the email account I used has been hacked… karma’s a bitch.

Anyway, this is a long way of saying, wow, I have *not* been a faithful poster. Guess I’m not cut for the Life of a Food Blogger. I’m good with that, since I have no mad photographing skills, no mind-blowing culinary talent… just a humble desire to share the food I make for myself, and the few knowledge nuggets I stumble upon, be it in the real world or online, ya know? As do most small food bloggers, I guess.

So. Let’s see if I can last a bit longer this time.

For starters, I thought I’d share this vegan ‘Nutella’ recipe I first tried a few years ago, from the website Time4tea.

old-fashioned date spread

Lazy me & the date-spread… now with photoshopped hipstamatic effect!

It’s simpler than most recipes I’ve seen, but of course I had to go and try to make it even more simpler… it’s no OMG ABSOLUTE WIN!, so I’ll let you guys check the original recipe (in french), which calls for 250ml dates. I can not, for the life of me, remember how I figured out how many dates to use the first time I made it. *insert puzzled face*. Anyway, you’re supposed to boil them in water for 3 minutes. I didn’t have any fresh dates on hand, but I had date spread, so I went and decided that 150g of it would do the trick. Into the food processor went the date spread, along with the hazelnut butter and cocoa powder.

Verdict? I should have stuck to the original recipe. Don’t misunderstand me, my ‘quickie’ attempt is delicious, but the texture is a bit off: too powdery. I tend to get that a lot with my food processor… should have gotten a blender, goddamnit. Next  time I’ll try adding some coconut oil to make it more creamy and spread-able (yup, still too lazy to pit and boil fresh dates — they’re sticky!).

Still… delicious. I ate four pieces of ‘Datella’-smeared toast for breakfast.

If you’re curious (and can read French), Time4tea has a shitload of yogurt recipes, including banoffee, dulce de leche, Daim (the Ikea candy)… the latter is making me drool a little, but I don’t have a yoghurt maker. Which is just as well, since I’m trying to cut down on both dairy and mock-dairy products (emphasize on “trying”…).

Until next time — and yes, I’m sure it won’t be another eight months (ouch!).


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