Hey, … never mind.

I should probably stop making excuses for my lack of posting, since I hardly have any reader… Perhaps the whole writing in English isn’t helping, but I feel like I’m not cut for those long, introspective posts. Not that I have done many of them since I started this blog anyway. Thus, here’s a quick list of the new foods I’ve been poking at lately:

Zucchini pasta

Zucchini pasta, the no-spiralizer way!

Zucchini pasta, obviously. I topped them with cooked, store-bought tomato sauce. EVIL, no doubt, but delicious. Plus I added home-grown sprouts, surely that has to count for something.

Raw soup. It was… weird. Green and oily. Maybe I went crazy, between the oil and the avocado. I had to wash it down with crackers.

Baked conservation burgers, using Gena’s recipe: warm, but still moist. They turned out okay, but I enjoyed them better the day after, atop a green salad.

Healthy vegan fudge, recipe by Chocolate-Covered Katie, using CCK’s trademark coconut banana butter. YUM

Raw gazpacho, two ways: one really yummy in spite of its AWFUL color (think vomit and you’ve nailed it), using cucumber and tomato sauce; and another one with zucchini and tomatoes that was a big FAIL.

Chocolate breakfast smoothie using 1 frozen banana, 1 heaping tbsp almond butter, 1cup water and 1tbsp cocoa powder. Quite tasty, and filling enough! I’m so out of the blog thing, I didn’t even think of documenting it. I think I was too busy cleaning the mess I’d made by preparing it in the small bowl of the Magimix.

In addition to flirting with veganism/raw foods, this girl now thinks she’s a runner. I kid you not. She even bought those flashy, ugly as hell running shoes! OH NOES! what is the world coming to?

Also, reading further through the raw food blogosphere — there are some seriously hilarious pages out here, and tons of raw food self-proclaimed gurus. Hard to know what to believe. I should probably update my blogroll…

Hope you’re all looking forward a nice week-end, mine will take place in South France. The city we’re visiting is said to have some raw sweet treats available in stores. HA!


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