You’d better get this blender started

Howdy, you excellent yet short-numbered people! How’s your week been? Mine included new raw stuff. I think a happy dance is in order.

coconut butter

not thick, and not creamy. sad face!

I’ve been reading a whole lot of new blogs lately, including Chocolate-Covered Katie. Holy shit batman! Her coconut butter recipe was screaming my name from across the internet (and many others’, I’m sure), and I went home craving the stuff like whoa. Sadly, I didn’t use enough coconut shreds right away, and it took me ages (about an hour from start to finish) to get something that looked remotely like Katie’s coconut butter. That, and it turned rock solid in the fridge. Nothing a little stay next to the oven didn’t change, though. If you haven’t gotten around topping banana soft serve with Ricki’s healthy chocolate frosting like I told you to… 1. are you for real? 2. please do and top the topping with a healthy spoonful coconut butter. You can thank me later; last night’s guests certainly did. /brag

And now for some big raw!me news, I finally went ahead and made myself a smoothie yesterday. Not just any smoothie, either — a green smoothie! Whoohoo! As for the recipe that I used… can you guess? That’s right, Gena’s Green breakfast banana pudding. Only mine wasn’t so much of a pudding: too thin for that, hence the smoothie announcement. Heh.

Anyway, it went a little something like this:

my first green smothie

Behold Green Smoothie the First. Like green soup… only not.

Breakfast in a green bowl — serves one
4 fistfuls greens (I used salad and baby spinach) • 1 frozen banana • 2-3 tbsp sesame oil • a small glass almond milk • 2 tbsp ground hemp seeds • a pinch of cinnamon • water

Put the goods in your blender/food processor… and blend. That’s it.

Note for later: I really have to give the ‘blender’ piece of equipment a try. The smoothie was nice, but it could have been smoother. The thing is, I’m not too trusting on this one. I see where you’re supposed to put it, but I don’t get how it’s gonna help with the texture… Oh well.

Yeah alright, but what about the taste? Well, it was surprisingly sweet. The smell gave away the blended greens more than the taste did. And there was definitely a hint of cinnamon every now and then – lovely. I wasn’t sure how long it would keep me full,  but I had trouble finishing my bowl. And it did hold me until lunch time, four hours later. I can’t wait to try another recipe!

And I should probably find more than just a few in my last purchase: Stefano Momentè and Sara Cargnello’s Solo Crudo. Impressed by my extensive knowledge of the Italian language? Don’t be; I purchased the French edition. Speaking of language differences, am I the only one amused by the name of the authors’ website: Veganitalia?

Have a great Sunday!


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