I got milk

soaking almonds

Soaking almonds -- lazy bastards have been doing it for 20 hours or so!

So I despoiled the Magimix with almond milk, just like I said I would. It was fun to do — no wait… it wasn’t! Stupid food processor was on, but of course I didn’t know it until the top clicked in place and the motor started running at once — splashing the surroundings a bit in the process. Grmbl. Note for later: always press the “stop” button before I start. And maybe I should have used the pulse function first, because my almond pulp turned out grittier than I thought it would be, judging from other people’s pictures.

processing almonds and water

almondy magic in the making.

The straining part, on the other hand, was fun. I had no cheese cloth, no paint strainer, nothing, so I used a good old’ sieve, and a spoon to press the pulp and force the milk through. Pulp was saved for later use and I took a nervous sip of my first batch. Not bad. It was on the thin, almost watery side; the flavor wasn’t as strong as it was in my last purchase… which is good. I like almonds, but I hate almond extract and its bitter-sweet flavor. I think next time I’ll use a different ratio (I used Gena’s for my first try – yeah, I know, big shock – one part almonds for four parts water, and a dash of salt), see if using less water achieves a texture closer to actual milk. As in, closer to milk as I remember it… never been one for cow’s milk. Over cereals, yeah, and in hot chocolate, but cold, right-out-of-the-fridge milk? Thanks, but no thanks. Perhaps I’ll use the rest of the batch to whip up some hot chocolate for the BF and me. ❤

final product


Also, must find a way to use the pulp. Since I don’t have a dehydrator, and I’d like to keep it raw, cookies are not an option, but I’m thinking maybe a porridge for breakfast. I’m pretty sure it will involve cocoa… but that’s another story.

Done re-reading Kris Carr’s book; I’m actually considering doing the 21 days cleanse sometime during the summer. I’d like to be in shape for September… and it might just be the kick in the butt I need to finally go gluten-free, see if it does me any good.

On a final note, I’m excited to see that there are French pages about raw food, and sexier than the books I’ve been able to find so far, too. Woohoo!


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