Back; vengeance-free, but raw-oriented.

Last time, I complained about real life being demanding, etc., but the truth is, I fell off the extra, non-mandatory activities wagon. No more blogging, little to none exercising — until I read Gena’s Top ten tips for new bloggers. If you haven’t read them yet, go and do that now. And if you have, then you can probably tell they ignited a pang of uneasiness about the whole not-posting-cause-im-so-damn-lazy-thing…

SO. No post, no running, but I did get a few things done since the last time I checked this place.

No shampoo

Shampoo(s) & conditioner.

# Got on the no-shampoo wagon.
Remember: some time ago, I got pretty excited about this post on (neverhome)maker, but I wanted to give it a real go before I blogged about it. Well, I’ve been using this method for almost a month now, and while I can’t say that it’s made my hair healthier, it hasn’t made it worse, either. I have yet to find a way to take care of it that doesn’t leave my scalp all itchy. More hair-related adventures ahead of me, I guess.
Has anyone tried the no-shampoo way? Did you manage to achieve a thick, paste-like texture? Mine’s more watery-with-stuff-lying-at-the-bottom. Could the poor quality of my baking soda be causing it?

Raffa's book

Raffa's Book: Le Grand Ménage (Spring cleaning)

# Started making my own housecleaning products.
Go me, if I dare say so myself. I’d been using white vinegar for a while now, but let’s face it — white vinegar alone doesn’t cut it. At least not for my bathtub. So here I was, trying to find a way to scrub the damn thing clean that wouldn’t involve too many chemicals… when I stumbled upon this baby (left), in a used books store, and it featured this terrific recipe:

All-purpose disinfectant from Raffa’s book ‘Le Grand Ménage
2 tbsp baking soda • 2L hot water • 1 tbsp white vinegar • 3 tbsp essential oils (pick EO whose properties are suited to cleaning, such as Lemon — Citrus limomum, Pine — Pinus sylvestris or Tea tree — Melaleuca alternifolia)

In a 2L opaque can, mix the baking soda and the hot water.

In a glass, mix the white vinegar and the essential oils. Pour in the can; shake before using.

To clean your bathtub without breaking a sweat, simply mix one small dose of the disinfectant (use the can’s cap as a measure) with a handful washing soda in HOT water, and get started with your favorite sponge. Be sure to wear gloves, as the washing soda can cause skin irritation. This worked wonders for my sad, dirty bathtub!

Raffa’s book is available in PDF form for free. If you can read french and are interested in green cleaning, her booklet is a must-have! Also, her website is filled to the brim with tips regarding body care, hair care, etc.

#Got hooked on Raw.
Okay, maybe not hooked, but very interested for sure. I try to eat raw foods with every meal, and there’s definitely a change in how I feel. My digestion is much smoother, I’m less bloated… I said that the dehydrator was a bit too pricey right now link, but I did go ahead and got myself a food processor. YOWZA! A bit pricey, too, but I ordered it online and got a discount. Heh heh. Besides, there are recipes I simply couldn’t make with an immersion blender… nut butters, raw soups, here I come~! On the downside, the stupid thing weighs a ton, and I nearly killed myself dead bringing it back home. My arms were so sore from the carrying, I left the package in the entrance for the boyfriend to marvel at. No opening, no pictures! No choice though — home delivery in France is a pain in the ass. Half the time, the delivery guy doesn’t bother ringing your bell and simply leaves a note saying that since you were not home (even though you were), you’ll just have to go and pick your package from the mail office. Why thank you, public and not-so-public service. Anyway.
I’ve been browsing both Gena and Kristen’s recipes, trying to decide what to make first, and right now I’m thinking raw soup. More greens sound like just what I need — not to mention tasty.

Also, I started re-reading Crazy Sexy Diet. I love it! it’s so funny, informative…enlightening even. Yup. Imagine — this book is what it took for me to finally break out the juicer that’s been dusting on my shelves for more than a year now. It’s also one of the reasons behind my purchasing a food processor: after reading so many mentions of green smoothies, I really felt like I was missing something…

Oh yes — I see many raw experiments in the coming days. I won’t ask you to stay tuned, because I haven’t done the best job of being faithful to you four readers… but I promise I won’t go ten days without posting. Until then,

… mmm. Raw soup.


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