Brocc hippie


Big brocc

I mean, really.


Wow, talk about delayed posting! To make it up to you, I thought I’d open today’s edition with the sight that greeted me on my last grocery raid: an open-armed, welcoming head of broccoli (complete with his little hands thrown in the air). Isn’t he cuuute? Or am I just seeing things?

Okay, maybe I am; at least I’m having fun. Back to food! I woke up on Sunday morning with a chocolate craving… and in serious need of something new. So I made a variation on Ashley’s Chocolate Buckwheat Bake, using quinoa instead of buckwheat, water instead of almond milk, no cinnamon but one tsp each of carob and cocoa powder. Also, I added 1 tbsp of ground pumpkin seeds. Don’t ask… I got my recipes mixed up, thought I was making Ricki’s Carob coconut sweeties. *shifty eyes*


Ze quinoa cookie monster.

The boyfriend liked it; I cleaned up my plate. Mark my words, ugly as it may be, this cookinoa is a keeper!


Real life is a bit demanding right now, but I’ll be back soon with a no-shampoo review and tried tips for natural house cleaning. I know… sexy.


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