Buckwheat, brocc and shampoo

Hellooo everyone. How’s your week been? Mine was calm… and rainy. In fact, it’s still raining as I’m typing. Joy!

Dinner lately has been all about old favourites: soups and store-bought crackers. Yeah, sue me. The soups were excellent though; I added broccoli to my tried-and-true leeks’n’potato soup — a keeper — and made some parsnip’n’carrot soup. Delicious sprinkled with cardamom.

I’ve also been a lazy bum regarding lunch, and ended up throwing random stuff together in the hope that it would cover all the nutritional bases and keep me full. Yeah, taste came last.

Lunch at work

Veggies, crackers, hummus. The holy trinity!

And that is exactly how I found myself munching on raw broccoli. I can’t say that it was bad, but it certainly wasn’t tasty. The funny thing is, this lunch was a bit of a chore, what with the crunching and munching and washing it down with hummus and crackers, but it kept me sated, more than the usual lunch. Could it be… the power of Raw? /spooky music and wiggly eyebrows

Breakfast, on the other hand, taught me a thing or two.

The first is, I need to stay away from grains in cream form. I tried rice flour cream several times, and all classified as edible FAILs, but it wasn’t enough, oh no. I had to go and try millet cream. I ground the grains myself, mixed the flour with water, added agave syrup, carob, vanilla extract, a dash of cinammon… and it turned out as bland as ever. Yuck!

Secondly, I like buckwheat. It may not seem like that much of a revelation, but while I’ve always adored buckwheat pancakes, cooked buckwheat grains make me want to puke. Literally. So while I trusted Ashley to make it work, part of me was a bit unsure about buckwheat for breakfast… Of course, it was nummy. I was out of cocoa powder, so I substituted carob for it, and it was perfect.

And now for something completely different (meaning, not-food related), I stumbled upon this post on (neverhome)maker that made me all curious. For the record, a few years ago I’d tried to make my own shampoo, following Nerys Purchon’s recipe. But since one of the ingredients had a bad rap (namely borax) I used something else entirely (I think baking soda? I’d just read somewhere that it had a cleaning effect and… don’t ask) and ended up with oily hair for three weeks in a row. Sexy! (not)). Has anyone tried Stephen’s mix yet? With what results? Since I’m already using a fairly natural shampoo, I don’t think the transition would be too hard… and I’m just excited about Going Back to Simpler, More Natural Things. Yes, with caps.

That’s it for today, folks. Whether you have big plans for the week-end or just a dire need for rest and comfort, I wish you good times. See you!


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