Random random.

This week saw the making of my second batch of hummus ever (yeah, I’m a late bloomer) and this time, I kicked my butt — and the boyfriend’s — to shell the freshly cooked peas. Holy sheep… what a difference a shell makes! The hummus was smooth, creamy, and such a lovely color — pale yellow, in case you’re wondering. No more shells in my hummus, no sir. Last time, I’d drowned the poor thing in cumin, but this time, I kept the seasoning to a minimum, adding only salt, lemon juice, tahini, and a clove of garlic… plus some of the cooking water. I could actually taste the chick pea!

My sis’ and her man were visiting on Wednesday night; I served japanese-style tofu filets, diced and cooked with onions and shoyu. It looks a little bit like chicken, and at first they were disappointed that I hadn’t made a vegetarian dish… 😀


Carob coconut sweeties in the making

Oh my… brown paste and coconut, could it be…?

For dessert, I made a double batch of Ricki’s Carob Coconut Sweeties… double so everybody would be happy and I could still have some left for lunch at work. Turns out our guests absolutely loved them — no leftover. But hey… vegan dinner for the win!



Carob Coconut sweeties in the making 2

Yes, my lovelies. It's carob coconut sweeties time!

And on Thursday, naturopathic appointment, which went fine. We didn’t focus so much on the food intolerance part, in the end. Turns out my belly is doing better; for a number of reasons, probably, but I like to attribute it to my eating more raw vegetables (still reading CSD and loving it). Instead we discussed natural solutions against anxiety: breathing exercises, aromatherapy and phytotherapy (I’m due for some mare’s milk pills soon… sounds a bit gross, but I’m willing to give a try). I did leave with material on the gluten-free diet, though, so once the social occasions planned for the next week are behind me, I’ll give it a go.



Greens & sausages

Last Sunday's lunch: raw greens, cooked greens, and whey sausages. I loved the Green-ness of it.


Actually, I have more to tell about this appointment, because it was a chance to discuss some topics that I feel strongly about right now… but that’s another story, for another post. Stay tuned, because it might hit the internet sooner than you’d expect, you three readers!


3 Comments on “Random random.”

  1. Ricki says:

    That extra-smooth, pale hummus does sound like an improvement over the “regular” stuff! Yum. And wow, I’m so glad that everyone loved the Carob Coconut Sweeties! (and does that photo suggest you are mixing them by hand? Whoah, strength!) 😀 Glad to hear that the naturopathic appt went well (and that you’re enjoying the book).

    And looking forward to the next post (so make that “four,” if you please!) 😉

    • Aurelia says:

      An audience of four… I feel all special now! 😉

      Re: the photo, nah, just showing off. I use an immersion blender to mix the tahini, almond butter, etc., but then it’s too thick to be processed this way, so I add the coconut and grounded pumpkin seeds by hand. Not so impressive anymore!

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