Food experiments

steaming water


See the picture above? See the Pretty? Who needs a juicer when you can get water this colorful?

Just kidding, of course. But the picture’s genuine! I steamed sunroots this morning and when I got from work, intent on doing the long-postponed dishes, this is what greeted me from inside the cooking pot. Weird, since the sunroots are white with a red-ish skin…

steaming water 2

Behold my hi-tech steam cooker!

I had some adventures in the kitchen this week, but didn’t manage to document all of it. First things first, on my last grocery raid I picked bananas and salad, meaning… you guessed it, raw banana sushi!

I also gave socca my first try, using this recipe. Woohoo! Easy and tasty, if a bit bland. It was perfect cut in bite-size pieces and munched on along some green soup. For the record, it’s said to be a french specialty, but as your average Parisian chick, I’d never heard of it.

Green soup

Said green soup: potatoes and broccoli.

Funny how broccoli has become one of my favorite foods to purchase. Can you believe I used to hate the stuff? Now, green soup means comfort food. Give me soup and crackers, and I’m all set.

Now for un-cooking progress — I made carob cashew cream!

Cashew cream

Cashew cream 101: soak, blend, serve.

This is a good example of my being a food snob. See, I’d love to love cashew cream. I find the thought of it super cool. As someone who’s relatively new to raw and vegan foods alike, making dairy-free, yet dairy-like goodies sounds impossible — and therefore, exciting. The result, not so much. I’ve tried cashew cream a few times, and the flavor just doesn’t hit the spot for me. It’s not bad, but I like plain cashew better; I find the cream a bit sickening. I wonder if it’s the soaking that changes the taste?

Since I hate to waste, I’ve done my best to enjoy it anyway. I’ve packed some of it in prevision of today’s lunch in a small jar with mashed apple… Not bad. My favorite version, though, is spread on corn cake. Of course… what doesn’t taste better with corn cakes?

Carob cashew cream

200 g cashews • 1 pinch salt • 1 tbsp agave syrup • 1 tsp carob

Soak the cashews for 2 hours, rinse. Blend with the other ingredients — if needed, add water to achieve a smooth(er) texture.

And tonight, with Ashley’s suggestion in mind, I brought chocomole’s and banana soft serve’s illegitimate child into this world… Behold the Super Easy Coconut Cream:

easy coconut cream

Yup. Green oozing.

Super Easy Coconut Cream — serves one (or two light eaters)

1 ripe avocado • 1 banana • 2 tsp agave syrup • dried coconut

Cut the banana in small chunks and freeze for at least 2 hours. Pit the avocado, scoop out the flesh, place it into your blender with the frozen banana chunks, agave syrup and coconut, and blend to incorporate.

I was aiming for chocomole, but since I was out of cocoa powder… no regret though, this turned out tasty, fulfilling yet light. The boyfriend liked it, too. A definite keeper!

The other night, the bookstore called to cancel my order of “Crazy Sexy Diet” — apparently, the book was out of print already. Boo. I searched for another online shop to place my order, but the prices seemed a bit high and I gave up. And yesterday, I got another call: scratch that, we just received your book. Happy dance! I left work early to go and pick my new precious.

Crazy Sexy Diet


Is everybody else done reading it yet? Not that I mind… I love being late if it means that I have good stuff lying ahead.


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