Lettuce wraps and carrot muffins

banana and salad

phallic picture much?

I’ve been on a “raw morning” kick lately: all I want for breakfast is banana sushi. In her original recipe, Gena uses chards as wraps, but between you and me, I think raw chards hate my guts. They do! One day they’re so fresh I can’t roll them properly, and my wrap is a mess; next thing I know, they’ve gone soft in the crisper drawer and I can kiss my precious wrap goodbye (if they’re not too soft, I serve them steamed and drizzled with olive oil). Besides, I’ve found that lettuce works just fine to wrap the banana in, so lettuce banana wraps are my current favorite.

lettuce banana wraps

lettuce banana wraps, prior to wrapping. magic is about to happen!

And yet, when I got home on Friday night, I was thinking about how nice it would be to sink my teeth into a muffin. I had enough bananas to make three batches from these yummylicious babies, but no — I was craving carrot muffins. Go figure. Thinking about it, I guess I had carrot cake on my mind. I substituted 2 (big) grated carrots for the 3 bananas, used canola oil instead of margarine, added ginger and cinnamon, and in the oven the muffins went. At first, I was a wee bit disappointed, because they didn’t taste like carrots at all; they were good, sweet but not too much, and lightly cinnamon-ish, but the carrot cake flavor was nowhere to be tasted. I’d read about using vegetables as a base for cooking, but hadn’t expected the result to be so un-veggie like… on second thought, I’m glad about this experiment, and looking forward to using zucchini as a base for dessert. Not to mention that, lack of carrot cake flavor be damned, we ate the whole batch over the week-end.

Carrot Muffin

I feel crunchy and tasty and YAY!

Saturday morning opening for you: muffin and lettuce banana wraps.

Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of Champions! messy wraps? who cares?

Breakfast on Sunday: same as above. I had lunch at a friend’s, we grilled the food on a stone. I passed on the meat and had grilled mushrooms, eggplants, bell peppers, as well as raw tomatoes and carrots. Happy time! When I got home on Sunday night, I was in the mood for a cooked dinner that could be eaten without too much care (understand: in front of a DVD)… so I made Baba Ganoush, using Bianca’s recipe. I also made a simple bean dip, using cooked white beans, olive oil, oven-dried tomatoes and minimalist seasoning. It was okay… but it had not nearly enough flavor. It would probably have been much, much tastier with sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, etc. but once the baba ganoush was ready, I was done chopping garlic, thank you.

On a more serious note, starting mid-February, there’s a good chance I’ll be following, first a gluten-free, then a dairy-free diet (or the other way around) in order to figure out exactly what is causing my belly to go batshit crazy. I think it will interesting to document; until then, I’d better kick my own butt and get this post on naturopathy, TMI and what have you written down, so you can understand where this dietary exploration comes from.

I hope your week is off to a good start. ‘Night!


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