It’s my blog and I’ll food-journal if I want to

Hello all! I hope you’re having a good week so far. In my last post, I promised you naturopathy talk and/or energy bars, but it will have to wait. I’m in a bit of a “health” rush — trying to get myself sorted out and thus making lots of appointments here and there… doesn’t leave much time for polishing my prose. But I’m working on it.

Meanwhile, I thought I’d share my food intake of the day. Part of me goes, how could this possibly be of any interest to anyone? But I, for one, love reading other people’s food journal. Besides… *points at title*

first thing upon waking:
1 glass hot water with lemon juice (snatched the idea from this book)

breakfast (30min later or so) :
– Gena’s banana sushis. My version was a mess (I got the leaves-folding part wrong), but still tasty — I couldn’t taste the chard at all, which is not necessarily a bad thing… Rawcurious that I am, I’d never eaten greens for breakfast! But this is a keeper. Actually, I rescued the last chard from dinner-making with tomorrow’s breakfast in mind…
– 1 big cup green tea
– spirulina (10 pills)

Morning snack:
1 apple + 1 clementine

– 1 sliced carrot, marinated in lemon juice + canola oil, seasoned with salt, pepper and curry
– leftover quinoa, sweet potatoes and broccoli
– mashed apples
– 1 piece dark chocolate

– 1 glass green smoothie (don’t get too excited… no plant blood, I’m thinking Innocent’s green smoothie)
– home-roasted pumpkin seeds & spelt/olive appetizers

11/01/25 dinner

Soup, crunch and veggies.

– 1 serving bought-from-the-store coral lentils & cumin soup (I had a taxing evening and wanted something quick and comfy… I didn’t even take the time to season the soup. My loss, as it proved to be a bit bland.)
– crackers with sunflower, sesame and flax seeds (numnum) with home-made hummus
– steamed chards and Jerusalem artichokes (another first for me… I loved them!), drizzled with olive oil + salt and pepper
I’m still debating whether to eat dessert or not… I have a one-track mind, so it would probably be mashed apple + chocolate.

+ 3/4L water throughout the day (mineral water — I’m considering getting a filter installed in the kitchen, so I could drink the tap water; until then, bottled water it is. Not too eco-friendly, I know).


And there you have it… my very first food journal entry. How exciting! (not). I apologize for the picture’s crappiness, but my camera really isn’t meant to take fancy food pictures, let alone night shots. I wish you all a nice week — off to bed it is for me now. Zzz


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