Pre-heat oven to 400°F

Oh wow, 5 pages viewed already! Guess I’d better get rid of the stupid “hello world!” placeholder.

So… welcome, I guess! You’ve reached Sweet, sweet potato, my wee lil’ corner of the web. I’m Aurelia, a twenty-something vegetarian newbie living in Paris, France. I’m no native speaker so you’ll have to go easy on me, but seeing as most of the blogs I expose myself to daily are in english, it felt more natural to use the same language.

I’m still poking around the WordPress platform, but give me a few days and the blog should fill up with whatever will have struck a chord with me. Something about green living, natural health, degrowth, slowing down, achieving peace of mind, probably… these are my main interests at the moment. Oh, and vegetarian/vegan cooking, of course. I hope you’ll enjoy reading.


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